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*These testimonials are from real and very genuine people within the SFM, Individual results may vary. No results are guaranteed. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of the page or here!


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I have been an SFM member for a couple of years, during this time I have been able to start turning my passion into an online business. I would highly recommend joining the SFM if you want to start or grow your own online business; they provide an online educational platform with the most up to date knowledge and skills needed to create a successful online business. I met Tony and Ness in the SFM community hub, a place where like-minded people work alongside and support each other with self-development, technical issues and build strong friendships. I love brainstorming with Tony and Ness they are a wonderful warm hearted couple that are willing to go above and beyond to help others achieve their goals. If you have the opportunity to work alongside these guys you will be blown away.

Kim Ashley

After 31 years in the corporate rat race I became disillusioned and wanted my own business, to be the boss; I had no idea what or how until I found the SFM and DEA, 13 months later I’ve been running my own business was for 7 months and love the freedom and challenges, the technical training, business systems, webinars, mentors, mindset training and awesome community has stretched and awakened my entrepreneurial spirit, I can only recommend very highly the SFM and DEA for anyone looking to start a business. Regards Kevin Humphrey of KE Social Media Agency

Kevin Humphrey

I had worked in the corporate marketing world for a number of years before starting my own businesses.  I’ve always had a an entrepreneurial spirit but even with my own business I was still trading time for money – in fact I worked much longer tougher hours in my own businesses.  Feeling disillusioned and tired of the uncertainty of being self employed I did return to a job – only to find I was undervalued.  However, at that time I was starting a family and I needed a regular income.  Now my youngest is 18 months – I decided there had to be a better way.  I explored MLM and whilst I do love my network marketing business products – the whole selling to friends and family becomes tedious.  So back to the drawing board, whilst looking online I discovered the Six Figure Mentors, and while I am only a few months in, I can totally see how this business is going to develop long term, I am watching my peers do great things.

The training and support system you get with this company is absolutely mind blowing – and it’s that that keeps you motivated!  I have never made a better decision, and I have never been more excited about the future for me and my family!

Karen Richardson

Hi, I want to share my experience with The Six Figure Mentors. I was doing the day to day trudge to a job I really didn’t like, I spent more time away from my family and that became a challenge.

The day I made the discovery of The Six Figure Mentors, was around the time I had reached a point of boredom in the situation I was in, and I really needed something I could do, that made a difference.

I came across SFM on the internet, and I saved the link so I could go into it further, when I got home.

After watching the first video I decided “what the heck”. I was in a position that was going nowhere. So I jumped in the deep end and signed up, I had no idea what to expect or where it would take me.

Soon the excitement set in, and I became even more excited that I had made the decision to sign up with SFM, I couldn’t wait to join the team on the live webinars.

I now sit in on as many live webinars as I can, and listen to wakeup calls, and speak with many members of the SFM community, there is so much to learn.

I love what I do and I am truly grateful to Stuart Ross, Jay Kubasek, Martyn Hickey and the many others at The Six Figure Mentors for showing me that I am far more value to the many people I now help on their journey.

Terri Ann Baxter

* Whilst these testimonials are from real and very real and genuine people within the SFM, your results may vary as YOUR success is dependant on so many factors. This includes your ability to learn new skills, have the mindset to succeed, work ethic, the amount of effort you put in and many more factors. No 2 people are alike which is why we can not guarantee any individual results. The above testimonials are from people explaining their experiences. A full earnings disclaimer can be found here